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What Sets us Apart!

What sets us apart from our competitors is our attention to detail. Most above-ground level water issues are due to bad terminations and improper installations. For example, an improperly flashed or installed window will cause a small leak. From our experience, small leaks are the most dangerous because they're not noticeable. The damage will appear when the framing starts rotting under the window, and it's now damaging your interior drywall. Then, homeowners make the mistake of calling a painter to fix the crack on the drywall without knowing that the issue may be more extensive.

Another example is wrong terminations on decks attached to homes. Decks should have a waterproofing layer and a way to drain water, something many contractors skip for time and savings cost. For a contractor to install a deck properly, not only does he need carpentry knowledge, but waterproofing as well. That's where Seal-N-Restore comes into the picture; not only are we carpenters, but we also know how to waterproof the assembly’s that we build. So your beautiful deck lasts!

Our standard of practice always begins with inspecting and formulating a plan to provide our customers with the best solution!

Call us now for a free inspection and estimate!

Rotted Sill Under a Window

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